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On site services provided in New Jersey, Delaware and  Pennsylvania
Prayers  - The Power of Prayer Works!
Please email me your prayer and blessing requests to Reverendbb@gmail.com. Please provide as much detail as possible- even a picture if you have it, so that our prayers can be more effective.  You will be prayed for not just by me but by the over 2 million members of Universal Life Church.
Contact me at ReverendBB@gmail.com
As you can imagine, weekends are the most requested days so you will have to check in with me personally to make sure the time/day is not booked. Just send an email to ReverendBB@gmail.com .  I will check right away and get back to you.  Many couples schedule their weddings more than a year in advance.

Counseling and Blessings are typically scheduled for 6pm or later on week days. I can also provide counseling over the phone or even email,  if that suits you better. I have also added "virtual" prayers and blessings to make it easy for you to add additional prayers for people you care for.   Just email me.  I will add you to my prayer box that I pray for everyday.

Contact:  EmailReverendBB@gmail.com
      Call  Reverend Barb  610-574-2562